MEÆT generates collaborative funding and sparks discussions about the dispersal of resources.  Governmental support for any sort of experimental practice is minimal and exceedingly bureaucratic. Private support is dictated by the values and priorities of granting foundations. In this environment innovative work is forced to cut through acres of red tape before it is deemed “fundable.” This has led to the popularity of many crowdfunding websites and the idea of innovators appealing to the public directly.

With MEÆT, we come together to make the funding decisions ourselves, now.  Applying for a grant is intentionally simple to encourage broad participation and rapid impact. This enables us to stimulate and promote experimental, critical and imaginative ideas that may not be eligible for formal funding.

MEÆTings will also serve as forums for networking and support. Beyond purely monetary assistance, we can connect ideas with passionate and influential collaborators.

The grants are unrestricted and will be awarded at the discretion of the patrons. Creative genres of all kinds are accepted and are encouraged.

Make it local, forward-thinking, and sustainable.