Track MEÆT:

When: June 26th, 2014, 6:00PM
Where: X marks the spot…
(details disclosed to participants)  :)

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TRACK MEÆT brings together wayfinding, microfunding, and an exciting scavenger hunt for a night that is like no other.

Use your body and mind
(this time you won’t be blind)

To find your way around
The streets of E-town

A night of puzzles and games
Involving both brawns and brains!

Follow the clues (the “Tweets”)
For fun times and good eats!

Attendees will enjoy an evening of scavenger hunting and strategy. Starting from a central location, you’ll join an eight-person team to conquer the hunt and solve the puzzles. By the end of the evening, each team will discover the secret final location, where you’ll be treated to a celebratory feast and listen to Edmontonians pitch their cause/project. Finally, vote for the winner to receive your collective pot of gold!

Tickets are $25.00 (including fees). $10.00 of this ticket goes directly into the funding pot.

What is MEÆT?
MEÆT is a local crowdfunding event designed to bring us together for a meal and listen to a variety of home-grown ideas. The one thing all the presenters have in common is that they need your funding to bring their idea to reality.

You can (1) apply to present your project, or (2) experience the presentations and vote for your favorite. Though no matter which side of dining table you are on; you will  enjoy a dinner with excellent conversation with like minding philanthropists. So come donate $10 towards something awesome!

The best presentation (as determined by the votes) receives the night’s funding.

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