MEÆT 3.0 Mystery Location Revealed!!!

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With people asking us over and over about driving to the location, and about where/what on the location… Here’s the Mystery Location + FAQ!

What/Where is the Mystery Location?

It’s the Ambleside Eco Station, which itself has two parts: a processing facility and the large (amazing – see explanation below) reuse center. It’s at 14710 Ellerslie Road Southwest Edmonton, AB T6W 1A4‎.

The Reuse Center is something most Edmontonians probably don’t know about: you may have been to the one downtown, but this is different. Based on what people drop off, they have (working) TVs, large pieces of very usable (and in some cases, very expensive looking) furniture that other Edmontonians have just dropped off so that someone else can use it.

When we went there, we saw leather couches, TVs with remotes, books, a really expensive looking grill, and other really great items. I think I saw appliances too, toys, etc.

Oh, and we’ll also be getting a tour of the clean, high tech processing facility, which is one place where our eco fees go.

Can I really take what I like from there for free?

Yup, no fee. Just need to haul it out yourself. Also, if you have furniture you no longer use/want, you could think about dropping it off there too 🙂

Can I still invite friends?

As long as the eventbrite link still accepts people to come in, sure! Here’s the link:

Also, if you know someone who wants to pitch, feel free to drop us an email at Or just invite them, they can pitch there on the spot if there’s still space.

Is it going to smell?

I figured we should answer this one – it was a major concern of mine, and it’s the reason why we went there to make sure it was okay.

It doesn’t smell at all – made me think that we were in some high tech factory.

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